The easiest crag in Kyparissi, with routes starting at 5a. Kastraki is in the middle section of the village, above the church and not far from the beach, in lush surroundings with beautiful views. Kastraki has all the makings of a popular crag: very good quality limestone, low to mid-grades (5a-6c), a “central” location and a very easy approach. All routes are very well-protected, so go for the insight!

  • Gear: 70m rope; 15-20 quickdraws (QD) for routes up to 30m.
  • Conditions: Best for spring and fall climbing, but summer climbing is also possible in the mornings.
  • Shade: In the morning and early afternoon. The sun comes at 13:30 (lower) or 14:00 (upper).
  • Exposure: South-West
  • Walking time: 5 minutes

Jerome's House

Quality grey wall with good hidden holds and well-protected routes. Unusual, prominent features in the middle section of the crag. The rock in the lower part of the routes looks awkward, but the climbing is impressive. Jerome’s House is ideal for climbers looking for grades from 6a to 7a+.

  • Gear: 70m rope minimum; 15 quickdraws (QD) for routes up to 30m, 20 QD for routes longer than 30m.
  • Conditions: Sector Jerome’s House is near the col, so it is breezy and cool. Best seasons are fall, spring and summer afternoons.
  • Shade: All afternoon starting at 12 o’clock noon.
  • Exposure: North-East
  • Walking time: 15 minutes


Highly featured, compact red and gray limestone of exceptional quality. There are endless stalactites and tufa formations, caves, overhangs, and the height of the cliffs often exceeds 50m. The existing routes are equipped with stainless-steel bolts and they are mostly in the mid- to high-grades (6c-8b+).

  • Gear: A 70m rope and 18 QD for longer routes.
  • Conditions: Climbing is possible year-round, but the best seasons are spring and autumn.
  • Shade: All afternoon starting at 14 o’clock.
  • Exposure: South-East
  • Walking time: 10 minutes

Accommodation at Kyfanta hotel

Kyfanta hotel is centrally situated in Kyparissi, being a couple of minutes away from the Supermarket, the beach, restaurants and cafeterias. The hostess, Esther who is from Barcelona, speaks Spanish, English, Greek, French and Italian.

Hiking around Kyparissi

Explore the beautiful wildlife on the paths around Kyparissi.

The countryside around Kyparissi is a hikers’ paradise. There are miles and miles of trails, along the coast, through the olive groves and into the mountains to abandoned villages, solitary white churches and high plateaus that you will have all to yourself. The best time for walking is spring, when wild flowers carpet the ground, and autumn.


Kremasti-Lampokampos12,997m* * *4h 20mNo
Kyparissi-Kremasti11,100m* * *3h 45mNo
Harakas-Kyparissi11,530* * * *4h 15mNo
Babala8,738m* * *2h 50mNo
Palaiochora & Aghia Varvara5,690m* * *1h 50mNo
Aghios Georgios1,720m*0h 35mNo
Piliza5,689m* * *1h 0mNo