• There is a bus from Athens International Airport, to the bus station ‘KIFISOS’. VIEW TIMETABLE
  • From there you can take the bus to ‘Molaoi’. VIEW TIMETABLE
  • Once you reach Molaoi, you should take a taxi to ‘Kyparissi’. Avg. Rate: 50€

  You can also contact us and we can arrange for you a water taxi or a helicopter to Kyparissi.


From Athens

  • Take the E94 national road to Korinth and then the E65 national road to Tripoli.
  • Pass Tripoli and continue on the E65 road. 
  • Take the Lefktro Exit to Sparta (A71) which ends at a roundabout near Skoura and Geraki.
  • From Geraki continue through Agios Dimitrios all the way to a junction just before Kremasti.
  • Turn right at the sign for Xarakas and Kyparissi. 
  • Continue until this road comes to a junction with a church on the left.
  • Turn left and stay on this road until you reach Kyparissi.

Distance: 298 km , Duration: 4h, Tolls: Yes

From Nafplion

  • Take the road to Astros/Leonidion
  • From Leonidion follow the road signs to Poulithra/Fokiano
  • Ater you reach Fokiano, take the new road to Kyparissi.
  • This last section is not mapped yet.

Distance: 112 km, Duration: 2h 30m., Tolls: No

Road Tips

  • Make sure you fill your tankThere is no gas station in Kyparissi. Last one is located in Geraki or Leonidion respectively.
  • There isn’t an ATM either in the village, but most restaurants and cafeterias accept credit/debit card.
  • When you reach Kyparissi drive down towards the sea until you come to a fork in the road.
  • Take the left way to Metropolis. Kyfanta is just before the next junction, on the right hand side after the supermarket.

Road Trips

  • If you want to break your journey to Kyparissi, Geraki is a good place for an overnight stop and you can visit the ancient hilltop castle.
  • The castle of Mystras is also a good choice for a visit.
  • The last few miles of the road to Kyparissi must be the most spectacular drive in Europe, with towering cliffs overhead on one side and a 1,000 metre drop to the sea on the other. Have your camera ready!
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